Welcome to North 40 Phase II

For over 125 years, Los Gatos has balanced the needs of today and tomorrow, while honoring its historic and agrarian roots. Grosvenor is pleased to return to the North 40, this time for Phase II, to plan a project that can further unlock the potential of the site to help meet the town’s future needs. When we undertake a project in a community like Los Gatos, we are informed by our philosophy to understand the values of the people who live, work and play there. We want to create developments that are tailored to the community, and that bring together the essential mix of residential, commercial and public realm suited to special places like Los Gatos.

125 Years in The Making

Project Vision

Our vision for Phase II was shaped by the needs of the community and collaboration with its stakeholders.

A Development Tailored To The Community


The future of the North 40 has been under discussion for more than 30 years.