Project Vision

For the past two and a half years, we have actively engaged with the Los Gatos community in conversations to understand the desired development direction for the second phase of the North 40 and share our plans that meet these aspirations. This has been accomplished by using numerous points of contact and communication options, including community workshops, coffees, one-on-one meetings and our website.

We have championed a transparent and interactive process from the start and have been pleased to connect with a wide spectrum of the Los Gatos community, including Town officials; schools; businesses; nonprofits; activist groups focused on wildlife and sustainability, racial equity and access to housing; and residents concerned about the future of Los Gatos. We also invited residents to submit their ideas via our website survey.

Based on the feedback we received, we saw that stakeholders indicated a desire for a robust gathering space with retail and open space on the north side of town that felt accessible to all. We are pleased to share that our recent application achieves this desire by providing a large open space for gatherings of all types and retail to support the residents in and around the North 40.

In addition, the North 40 team has been closely following the Town’s Housing Element process for the past two years (since Fall 2021) and the General Plan 2040 update process for the past few years including the subsequent referendum.

Throughout this time, the team has been committed to evaluating options to help support the town in meeting the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) requirements.

Our team has listened to the Planning Commission and Town Council’s [link to Town Housing Element Site] desire to increase the number of housing units in the North 40 Phase II and have been able to meet this expectation by creating a new site plan, which was submitted to the Town of Los Gatos on April 17th.

Based on the latest adoption of the Town’s Housing Element plan and the Council’s vision for the North 40 Phase II to absorb a higher number of housing units, we are now able to increase our previous commitment of 200 residential units, which was shared with the Town during the Housing Element process, by an additional 251 units by including a traditional multifamily building in the development program.

We are also proud to have partnered with Eden Housing to develop nearly 70 low-income apartments for individuals and families earning up to 60% of the area’s median income. The units will be developed on approximately one and a half acres of land that will be donated by Grosvenor, helping the town offer a diverse portfolio of housing options.

To view the previous residential-focused concept, please click HERE.

To view the pre-application, please click HERE.

To view the full application, please click HERE.

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Site Plan

North 40 Phase II Site Plan

Open Space

North 40 Phase II Open Space Plan