Project Vision

For the past year, we have actively engaged the Los Gatos community in conversations to better understand the desired development direction for the second phase of the North 40 project.

We were pleased to connect with a wide spectrum of the Los Gatos community, including Town officials; schools; businesses; nonprofits; activist groups focused on wildlife and sustainability, racial equity and access to housing; and residents concerned about the future of Los Gatos. We also invited residents to submit their ideas via our website survey.

In addition, we continued to listen as the volunteer General Plan Update Advisory Committee completed a draft General Plan update after a two-and-a-half-year process. This draft General Plan reveals that the Town’s focus for the next two decades will be on racial and social justice, environmental concerns including the reduction of vehicle miles traveled to reduce our carbon footprint and the ever-present housing crisis.

Lastly, we invited residents to submit their ideas via our website survey and held a community workshop to share details of the initial concepts.

After careful analysis of the feedback we received, it was clear that a mixed-used concept was vastly favored for the 15.23-acre parcel of land. The sentiment was echoed during our most recent community workshop, which was held in October 2021.

Site goals include:

  • Celebrating the Town’s agricultural heritage
  • Leveraging existing topography as site features
  • Focusing on community amenities and involvement

Based on the community’s input, our current concepts aim to include more accessible public open space and reduce vehicle miles travelled, while contributing a more favorable fiscal impact on the town’s finances. The plans also have a strong potential to help Los Gatos meet its required housing goals.

We have submitted initial concepts to the Los Gatos Conceptual Development Advisory Committee and plan to continue hosting community workshops, coffees and one-on-one meetings to help ensure that the development that aligns with the vision and interests of local residents and stakeholders.

To view the previous residential-focused concept, please click HERE.

To submit questions or feedback regarding these concepts, please click HERE.

In either concept, Phase II will be anchored by a unique open space framework with the Barn as the center.

Grosvenor Open Space
Grosvenor Circulation