Project Vision

Our plan is to undergo a community dialogue through most of 2021 to understand if there is a specific direction that the Town would like to take with the development program on Phase II. After listening to the Town’s General Plan update process for the past two-and-a-half years, it appears that the Town’s focus will be on racial and social justice, and environmental concerns including the reduction of vehicle miles traveled to reduce our carbon footprint and the ever-present housing crisis.

The two alternative concepts below show how Phase II can potentially help address these issues. Only after engaging with the community over the coming months and hopefully gaining more insight into what the Town stakeholders want, will we submit a development application.

To submit questions or feedback regarding these concepts, please click HERE.

In either concept, Phase II will be anchored by a unique open space framework with the Barn as the center.

North 40 Open Space and Uses
North 40 Open Space and Uses