Project Vision

Since early 2021, we have directly engaged stakeholders in a conversation to discover if there is a specific direction the Town would like to take with the development program on Phase II. We were pleased to connect with a spectrum of the Los Gatos community including those in City governance, schools, business community, activist groups focused on wildlife and sustainability, racial equity and access to housing, residents on the north end of town close to the North 40 and others who are generally concerned about the future of the Town. In addition, we continued to listen as the volunteer General Plan Update Advisory Committee completed a draft General Plan update after a two-and-a-half-year process. This draft General Plan reveals that the Town’s focus for the next two decades will be on racial and social justice, environmental concerns including the reduction of vehicle miles traveled to reduce our carbon footprint and the ever-present housing crisis.

During the early days of community engagement, we initially shared two concepts with the community for consideration. One was almost entirely residential in focus—perhaps a solution to the pressure the Town is under to meet its share of State and regional housing requirements. The other was a mixed-use program with limited additional housing beyond what has already been approved on the North 40. After years of listening and actively engaging the community for the past six months, we understand from community feedback that the mixed-used concept is the alternative that we should be pursuing for Phase II. 

Compelling arguments for a mixed-use program include: 

  • the desire to spread housing growth throughout Town;
  • the need to provide truly accessible public gathering places on the north end of Town;
  • compatibility with the Community Place Districts that are featured in the draft General Plan;
  • providing opportunity for businesses to grow in Town: and
  • a viable opportunity for reducing vehicle miles traveled and dependency on vehicles.

As we have committed to from the beginning, only after engaging with the community and gaining more insight into what the Town stakeholders want will we submit a development application.  We believe that we now have the guidance we have been seeking and from this point forward will focus on the mixed-use concept which is provided below. We will continue to listen to the community as we anticipate an application submittal in early 2022.

To view the previous residential-focused concept, please click HERE.

To submit questions or feedback regarding these concepts, please click HERE.

In either concept, Phase II will be anchored by a unique open space framework with the Barn as the center.

North 40 Open Space
North 40 Circulation